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SMOOTH Pen Maintenance Kit

SMOOTH Pen Maintenance Kit

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We know. The first thing you do when buying a new pen is take it apart. That's also when accidents happen...broken screws, crooked pocket clips, etc. Your pen rarely goes back together the same way after you take it apart. The factory (us) uses these same tools to assemble all of your pens. Do what the pros do, get a maintenance kit. Think about it: never break another screw again, clip perfectly aligns every time, need an o-ring/ have an o-ring. Break down your SMOOTH pen like a pro; get a maintenance kit.

Each Kit Comes with:

  • Pre-Calibrated Torque Wrench
  • O-rings: Black (1), Red(1)
  • Clip Alignment Tool
  • 2mm Long Hex Bit

Shipping & Returns

Shipping is FREE for orders over $30 USD within the Continental United States via UPS Ground. Your pen should arrive within 5 business days, and you can track your order once it’s with UPS.

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Breakdown & Re-assembly in Seconds

Entire pen breaks down in less than 10 seconds. Re-assembles in the same amount of time.

Customer Reviews

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Luke Meetze
Awesome pen

I’ve purchased several and the pens are awesome and the customer service is even better!