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SMOOTH Precision “Crazy Horse” Leather Pen Carrier

SMOOTH Precision “Crazy Horse” Leather Pen Carrier

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Lets face it.....your a pen person. It's ok, so are we. The next pen will always be our last one. Then three or "cough" seven pens we are. Protect you precious pen collection with our premium leather pen carriers. Each has a magnetic latching mechanism to keep them secure. The pen slots are removable for swaps or easy maintenance. Logos are on the inside of the flap to maintain that clean minimalistic look.

  • Cases hold either six or twelve SMOOTH pens

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Shipping is FREE for orders over $30 USD within the Continental United States via UPS Ground. Your pen should arrive within 5 business days, and you can track your order once it’s with UPS.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Zack Hughes
High-quality pen carrier and a great value!

I've had my pen carrier for a few weeks now, and it has done a superb job at hauling my USG and Smooth pens around. I love the minimalist branding, and it only looks better as it develops a patina. The fact that the insert is removable as well can be quite handy sometimes. It is worth mentioning, however, that the pen slots may be to narrow for some thicker-style pens. Overall a wonderful product!

Charles Bass
Well Crafted Not For ME

The Pen Carrier is very well crafted. The only issue I have is I don't own 12 Urban Survival/Smooth Precision pens. I tried fitting other brand pens into the case and they don't fit properly.

John Green
Too Small

The quality of the case is great but the pen slots are too small to fit 12 pens in the case. Every third or fourth slot needs to be left empty. It’s as if the full thickness of the dividing liners wasn’t taken into account during the design/measurement phase.

The return process was quick and simple.

Christopher Black
Excellent pens I need you to revisit making pencils with 9mm

Everything is the best