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SMOOTH Bolt Action Pen V2.2

SMOOTH Bolt Action Pen V2.2

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Join The SMOOTH Revolution With The Ultimate In Bolt-Action Pen Technology. Built Tight, Built To Write.



Most Precise Pen on the Market

Our machines hold 0.0005" tolerances. We inspect every pen under 12x magnification for blemishes prior to shipping. You will feel the quality.

✅ Made in Texas, USA
✅ Free USA Shipping & Returns
✅ Near Zero Tip Wiggle*
✅ 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
✅ Lifetime Warranty

Compatible Refills

Full Size

  • Pilot G2 (Ships with Pen)
  • Pentel Energel Series - (Requires Trimming)
  • Pilot V5
  • Uniball 207 Gel • Uniball Jetstream
  • Schmidt 5888

Mini Size

  • Schmidt Easyflow 9000 (Ships with Pen)
  • Space Pen (Use White Adapter Included with Refill)
  • Any Parker Style Refil

Dimensions & Weights

Full Size :

Length - 13.20 cm / 5.2 inches
Width - 0.95 cm / 0.375 inches
Weight - 24g (Titanium), 26g (Copper/Bronze) 

Mini Size

Length - 11.94 cm / 4.7 inches
Width - 0.95 cm / 0.375 inches
Weight - 23g (Titanium), 25g (Copper/Bronze)                                                        


Shipping is FREE for orders over $30 USD within the Continental United States via UPS Ground. Your pen should arrive within 5 business days, and you can track your order once it’s with UPS.

Lifetime Warranty/ Refund Policy

It’s really simple. You have 30 days to put your pen through its paces. And we’re sure you’ll be blown away by its precision, power, and elegance.

But if you’re not satisfied, for whatever reason, you can get full refund

After 30 days, the guarantee converts to a lifetime warranty. The lifetime warranty means contact us if something goes wrong and we'll do our best to make it right.

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  • 30-Day No Questions Asked Refund Policy

  • Lifetime Warranty

  • Made In Texas, USA

  • Free USA Shipping

  • Secure Checkout

The SMOOTH Bolt Action Pen V2.2 Is The Ultimate Lightweight Writing Machine

Using Swiss Lathe technology, we manufacture our pens from high-quality titanium, copper, and bronze to the same standard as medical devices and luxury timepieces to ensure power and precision.

Got Pen Problems?

We’ve Solved Them

  • Say Goodbye To Cross-Threading

    You won't find it difficult to find the thread before turning. Our designers have discovered a way to center the tip prior to thread engagement, virtually eliminating cross-threading.

  • SMOOTH Click-Free Pen Actuation

    Uniquely, our pens actuate via the pocket clip instead of a traditional plunger cap. There’s no clicking, just one smooth motion.

  • Wiggle Free Precision Pen Tip

    We use a precision reamers to achieve an optimal and precise opening diameter. Perceptible tip wiggle? Not with this pen.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Liz B
great pen

I have started collecting pens over the past few years. I finally purchased a Smooth Precision pen in titanium. It's definitely my favorite. The clip is great to fidget with at work. It's my first Smooth Precision, but it will not be my last.

Excellent Product, But Waiting On Exchange.

I also have a v2 pen in titanium that has been an excellent writing instrument. I recently ordered a v2.2 in a mini-size and after arriving I found it too small in hand. So I exchanged for a full size pen. Still eagerly awaiting my exchanged pen to be shipped.

Zayn Makke
Smooth Precision Pens are exactly that... Smooth & Precise!

I've been on a hunt THE most awesome pen for years not. I made a stop and purchased some equipment one day. The guy behind the counter handed me his pen to sign the receipt. I immediately was impressed with the pen (the weight, overall feel, and writing). I signed the receipt and handed the pen back to the guy. On my way out the door, I asked the guy where he got the pen and he told me smooth precision but they are not cheap. I laughed and said I can feel that.

Needless to say, I had a pen ordered within 10 minutes of being back in my truck.

The quality of the pen is outstanding! I literally look forward to writing any time I get the chance. I've received many compliments on the way it writes and how it "feels" like a lifetime pen.

I apologize for the long winded review, but all I needed to do is write my name on a receipt with a Smooth Precision pen and I knew this was the one!

Simply the best pens out there 🤌🤯!

Ever bought a pen and said to yourself it’s good but wouldn’t have paid that much…. As an Edc freak, one of my most used piece of gear is probably a pen. I own a bunch from Refyne, fisher space pen, Mig , Fellholter , Big idea design but the one pen that simply blows me away are my dragonscales from Smooth Precision Pens😮‍💨! Machining is above and beyond, super tight tolerances that make a big difference in owning one. The tip unscrews so damn smooth making changing ink a breeze . The fact that the tip can be swapped to perfectly adapt to pilot g2 or fisher space pen ink makes for a perfect tight fit without any wobble or play.

The action is probably one of the best things as it is buttery smooth to open and close and so fidgety!

Now for the finish, the incredible milling is just stupidly impressive! There’s no sharp edges and everything on this pen is well knocked down to make for the best experience possible!

Don’t sleep on this , I highly recommend. Plus you can be damn sure you can trust and have the best customer service around!
Nothing to complain here …. These are top tiers pens , well worth the price even though it could sell for much more!

Greenfield, John
Awesome pen!

This is the best version of the pen that I have seen I love the finish on the titanium. It's so smooth! My only critique is that I wish it was thicker like the tiscribe go or the old v3.

Introducing Smooth Precision Pens

Click the Video Above to Watch the StoryBehind Smooth Precision Pens

  • Nick Shabazz

    My Favorite Pen Maker (as of 2022). This is An Entirely Different Class of Pen

  • Overland EDC

    It's the swiss army knife of pens, so many cusomizations

  • Average Bros

    I just received the pen today and it’s just as amazing. Such beautiful craftsmanship and functionality.

What Our Customers Say

  • " Amazing!"

    The action of the pen is as smooth as glass. It is my new EDC for the foreseeable future. 

    Nathan W. - Verified Customer

  • "Super Compact & Smooth"

    The V2.2 took the place of my previous edc which was top but this one is perfect!

  • "Attention to the smallest details "

    I got my V2.2 and it's absolutely awesome. The new form factor is perfect and the darker finsih is great. Look forward to using this one a bunch

The SMOOTH 30-Day Money-Back Performance Guarantee

If, after 30 days of use, your SMOOTH Precision Pen does not perform as promised; giving you a high performance, SMOOTH writing experience, we’ll buy it back, no questions asked.

Enjoy the ultimate in light weight precision writing.

Why Wait?

Got questions? We’ve got you covered.


Where exactly are your pens manufactured?

Right here in the USA. To be more precise (and we’re all about precision…), we build them at our facility in Abilene, Texas.

Whenever you buy a SMOOTH pen you’re supporting American industry, and you get the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ll enjoy quality American craftsmanship.

What is your manufacturing process?

We design our pens using the latest AI-aided technology, plus our own creativity and ingenuity.

The parts are built using Swiss Lathes and Vertical Mills. All tolerance must be within 0.0005” or they are rejected. As a final QC, all surface finishes are checked with a microscope for irregularities.

The finishing process is all done by hand. We use tumbling media until a smooth, low-friction surface is achieved. Our tumbling process also strengthens the external and internal surfaces similar to roto peening. Then the titanium pens are lubricated with a dry lubricant to reduce friction even further. Copper and bronze pens have natural anti-friction proerties therefore do not require lubrication.

Finally, we complete assembly and do one last quality check.

The end result is a precision pen with a motion that’s too smooth to believe.

What materials are the pens made from?

We source the finest materials available to build our pens - (New!) Grade 5 Titanium, 145 Tellurium Copper, and 655 Silicon Bronze.

How does shipping work?

Shipping is FREE for orders over $30 USD within the Continental United States via UPS Ground. Your pen should arrive within 5 business days, and you can track your order once it’s with UPS.

How To Return?

Click Here To Start The Return >  Refunds & Exchanges (USA)

Can I order a pen if I live outside the USA?

You can! Shipping costs will vary depending on where you live. We’ll let you know how much the shipping costs are before you complete your order. Your pen should still arrive within 5 business days.

How can I customize my pen?

SMOOTH Precision Pens are designed to be fully customizable. To begin personalizing your pen, visit our website at {website} and check out our range of pocket clips, pen tips, springs, O rings, and more. Included in this offer is a Maintenance Kit containing all the tools you need to start customizing your pen.

How does the 30-day guarantee work?

It’s really simple. You have 30 days to put your pen through its paces. And we’re sure you’ll be blown away by its precision, power, and elegance.

But if you’re not satisfied, for whatever reason, you can click the link below for full refund.

Refunds & Exchanges (USA)

Is there a Refund Policy?

We follow a 30-day no questions asked refund policy. Shipping on returns is free.

Refunds & Exchanges (USA)