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Parker/ Fisher Space Pen Adapter Kit

Parker/ Fisher Space Pen Adapter Kit

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Installs in Less than 10 seconds!

Remove the tip and old refill. Drop in the adapter. Add new refill. Add new pen tip. DONE! (G2/ Parker kit installs are identical).

Customer Reviews

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Great improvement! Absolutely no tip wiggle.

Kelvin just keeps improving everything. I love being a VIP, but my bank account hates me a little, but it will get over it.

Tom Pendleton
Version 2.2 Pen Long and Parker Adapter

Like the pen very much. The adapter works well. My only suggestion would be that the pen could be just slightly larger in diameter. I did it a little small to hold.

Eileen C Fowler
Works as advertised

Same great quality as the pen!

Stan Smith
smooth welcome kits

the new gift package kits are great. good quality feeling tools that are easy to use. functional notebook with nice pull up leather that will definitely show the love you give it.

Parker Adapter Kits

Yes, I love my Parker Adapter Kits for my Ti Smooth Bolt Action V2.2 pen. I did install the Fisher refill though, as I prefer that those. Works nicely. The website needs to include the Parker Adapter Kits in Zirconium too if/when the Smooth Bolt Action V2.2 in Zirconium becomes available again. :) Yes, Please!